Monday, May 16, 2011

Steak and Wine

Despite our status as a rather "underground" label, we're getting our name out there. Thanks to Marlene Rossman with Chef Magazine* Online, the culinary world now knows that Karl Lawrence Cab goes great with steak salad. Splendid, in fact. Peep the recipe and ponder whipping it up yourself, here (scroll to page 14 and click once to enlarge).

We also made the print edition of Chef. So find a copy of the mag, cut out that recipe, put it on your fridge, and impress your husband/wife/grandmother/neighbor (etc.) with some exquisite steak salad and Karl Lawrence Cab.

Also, while doing research, we stumbled upon another KL shout out in the online food community. This one via "The Brad's Adventures in Food Blog," where Karl Lawrence was paired with grilled Moroccan Flank Steak and Panzanella Salad at Fine Wine Auction & Celebrity Chef Dinner in Dallas (a benefit for the American Heart Association). While we were unaware of Brad and his blog, Michael was there, pouring, and had a fantastic time (KL has been featured at this event for the last four years).

Wine display at Fine Wine Auction & Celebrity Chef Dinner in Dallas, TX.

And just because most of you are not "celebrity chefs," doesn't mean you can't cook a mean flank steak yourself.

There are a bunch of KL friends and their wines featured in both of these publications, so please, check them out.

On a different note, for all you twitter-ers out there, follow us @KLCellars! We are still novices with this flowering celeb-drama hub, but we figured we'd give it a shot and would love to annoy you with our "tweets." But, keep in mind, we're a mellow bunch who want to talk wine. We're not the Kardashians.

Grilled Moroccan Flank Steak with Panzanella Salad. Try it with some KL Cab.

* As featured in Chef Magazine-- Copyright 2011 Talcott Communications, USA. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved

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