Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love and life go on, let the music play...

Well folks, sometimes the will to rock never dies. Monte Moses and his band, Road South, formed in college in the early '70s. They headlined most of their gigs at bars around Napa, when the valley looked like one giant farm.

Eventually, careers and families took hold of Monte and the gang, and, like most rock 'n' roll bands, the flame burned out. But not forever...

The band has recently restrung their axes and sharpened their sticks to rise out of the ashes. And on Saturday July 9, Road South will be kicking out the jams at Vineland Station, where, as you can see below, the proceeds will benefit the Furaha Community Center of Nairobi, Kenya.

Check out the flier:

Where Karl Lawrence comes in:

Ric, who used to be a killer saxophonist, played in a slew of jazz combos with his old pal Monte from the 7th through the 11th grades.

Will Ric get up there and wail with Road South on the sax?

Most likely not.

But... he will be there pouring all of you some Karl Lawrence.

So head down to Vineland Station on July 9, drink some good wine, and shake it.

For more on the event and the cause, click here.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Sorry for the break, folks. It has been a busy June so far. And by busy, we mean we've been doing stuff like this:

Here we have Scott Urie (middle left) hosting his annual BBQ at the KL office (and that's the famous Dr. Crane Vineyard in the background). To left of him is Carissa Stavrakos of Long Island. She's enjoying her last wine drinking for awhile until she does a triathalon on Long Island. Then we have Jarred, who just moved from Petaluma to Montana, and then KL's winemaker in the flesh, Michael Trujillo.

A slew of people are not pictured, and happened to be having the time of their lives behind the camera.

Scott loves bbq-ing for the KL crew so much, we've lined up a couple more parties for the rest of the summer. The next is in just a couple days up at the Henry Brother's Ranch.

So if any of y'all make it out to the Napa Valley, you might get lucky enough to catch Scott grilling up a storm with the KL crowd.

See you there?