Monday, November 8, 2010

Walk-in Tastings!

Don't forget about our walk-in tasting hours! If you're bored on a weekend, and happen to be roaming around Saint Helena, stop by the office between 2 and 6 pm and have a glass or two. Our office is located behind Azteca Market at 639 Main Street. So come on by. We'd love to have you.

And without further ado, here's Ric and Cheryl with Dave and Ginge Jamieson at the sold-out Raider Victory on Sunday:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Classic: Ric's Baseball Fashion Fiasco

Baseball has been in the Henry Clan's bloodline since day one of our days in this great country. Weiland Henry, Bryan and Ric's dad, was considered Northern California's best pitcher in 1939 and scouted by the New York Yankees to play professional ball. However, Weiland chose to stray from his baseball spirit in exchange for another calling: instead, he became a preacher.

However, baseball and the San Francisco Giants still played a huge role in the Henry household regardless of Papa Henry's career choice.

So, to watch the Giants finally overcome fifty-six years of disappointment, and bring their first title to San Francisco, Ric traveled with Ann Ryan and Brian Nash to the Hi-Dive Bar, underneath the Bay Bridge:

Although Ric was nearly brought to tears by his team's victory, he still had to defend himself from being accused a "bandwagon fan."

See, despite Ric's desperate search for his two (very authentic mind you) Giants' jerseys, it only took a couple of minutes to realize that Nicholas had commandeered both of his jerseys to support his team in Colorado.

Jersey #1 enjoying some late night cheese fries at "Smelly Deli" in Boulder, CO.

Jersey #2 (and #3 considering Angie's Hawaiian Giants extravaganza) back home for a regular season game in 2009.
Nicholas later brought it back to CO.

To cope with this dilemma, Ric luckily had his trusty orange and black Karl Lawrence shirt:

However, when looking for his black overshirt, he realized Nicholas had stolen that as well. So he finally resorted to wearing a tuxedo shirt, with pleats and french cuffs over his orange getup, and had to spend the majority of his night claiming he was not a "poser," but, in fact, a life-long fan.

Ric still gets a post-game hug from Ann despite his lack of "true-fan" gear.

Ric, fully pleated, with Ann and Brian outside the Hi-Dive after the victory.

But not to worry, Ric, we believe you. Here are some photos from Ric and Brian's phones documenting the historical night:

Go Giants!