Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring Things

Well, folks, let's start this Spring update off right with a recent photo of Ric and potential winery heir apparent, Baby Jack:

Three generations, two doo-rags, one nation.

In other news, Karl Lawrence aficionado Ken Yzurdiaga made his last warehouse run. Now that he's stocked up with enough KL to last far into retirement, he's moving to Nevada:

Here's Karl Lawrence Cycle Team member, Bob Fores:

Bob's ridden the Tour of Napa Valley with us four times. He organizes Ride for Mom each year in Modesto, the day before Mother's Day. Here he is last weekend at the after party with a bottle of his favorite wine. 

And while we're on the subject of bike ride organizers, here's Jack McGlynn:

Jack organizes the PCH ride from Carmel to San Simeon, which has been on the cycling circuit for 41 years. Here he is after this year's ride a couple weeks ago with his two prized possesions: a bottle of Karl Lawrence and his new Renovo wooden bicycle frame (a surprise gift to Jack from the PCH riders this year).

Ric in front of the Bixby Bridge on this year's PCH Ride.

And to put an end to the bicycle-fueled update, here's a couple shots from the Stones' concert in Oakland: 

The usual suspects: Dave and Ginge Jamieson with Cheryl and Ric outside Oracle Arena.

A view from the "cheap" seats. 

That's all for now, folks! Hopefully we'll have some actual wine news for you in the near future.