Thursday, December 1, 2011

KL Worldwide

China seems to be in the news every time you look, but who knew they were such wine fanatics? Meet Mr. Jianwen Zhao (in the yellow jacket), Mr. Jack Lee (far right), and Mr. Zhang (far left) with Jefferson and longtime Karl Lawrence customer and friend, Powell Yang.

In China, Mr. Zhao is the owner of Dong Zhou Fu Long World Wines. He's famous for showcasing more than 1000 world wines, specializing in Bordeaux. You can check out his portfolio in one of his many tasting rooms or in his quarterly magazine, Wine and Life.

Here's his tasting room in Qingdao, the same city famous for brewing "Tsingtao." We're sure you're all already familiar with the beer, so now you can be familiar with the correct spelling.

Mr. Zhao and his crew left Napa Valley with more than a pallet of Karl Lawrence. So next time any of you guys are in China, make sure to go check him out.