Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drink the '90s away!

Meet John Caruana and Denny Anderson, folks. A couple of weeks ago, up from Mill Valley and Novato, these two brought a party of their own to the KL office.

Denny, a Karl Lawrence affiliate since '95, showed up with a vertical of the '95 to '98 and the '04-'08. Seeing how this is quite a bit of wine, even for us, the tasting party lasted a good five hours.

After all was said and done, the consensus was this: 1. While all of the wines were good, they seemed a little past their prime. 2. One person loved the '95 for the first hour, but didn't like it a little later. 3. The '98 was the "most powerful of the bunch."

So, in the end, our tasting panel's unanimous decision is to drink your KL from last century, now. Quit saving it for that special occasion. Take your corkscrew on down to that cellar of yours, pop open a few bottles of Karl Lawrence cab, and drink the '90s away.

That special occasion is now.

Take it from John and Denny, ladies and gentlemen, and have a wine party of your own.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Más Amor

The last love story was such a hit, we decided to keep 'em coming. So without further adieu...

Mike DeYoung, Joey and Tika Gelsino, Allison DeYong, and Cheryl at Redd's in Yountville.

Disregard your first impressions. This is not some crazy account of five swingers who drank too much Karl Lawrence. Rather, here we have a romantic tale of a young couple who have just embarked on their life journey together.

The DeYoungs venture west from Miami often and have become KL regulars. And while, in the picture of above, the two of them look normal as always, we came to find out that, when this picture was taken, Allison was 31 weeks pregnant to the day!

We understand that the great news of a baby coming probably outshines the specifics of this information. One might not pay attention to fact that, 31 weeks prior to this photo, this baby was conceived. By now, we're sure you're assuming, Oh yeah, Miami, palm trees, candles, full moon, cloudless night, yadda yadda yadda.

Well, folks, we here at Karl Lawrence would like to tell you otherwise. And we even got the picture to prove it. Here is a photo taken from the DeYoung's previous visit to the Napa Valley... 31 weeks prior to the photo above.

To. The. Day.:

Mike and Allison at Bottega in Yountville.

Well, needless to say, we'll let y'all figure it out from there. But both Mike and Allison gave us testimonials giving Karl Lawrence the credit of making their magic happen. That is to say that one more DeYoung is on its way thanks to great company and Karl Lawrence wines.

Congrats, guys!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Keeping Ourselves Busy

Again, pardon the lack of posts, folks, but we assure you we've been working hard in our absence from the blog. We've been catching up on things like...


Nicholas, Cheryl, and Cheryl's mom, Betty, on spring break in San Diego.

...Going to concerts!

Ric with Danielle of traveling family blues band, Trampled Under Foot. Based out of the blues-capital Kansas City, Ric and Cheryl saw both of TUF's first shows ever played west of Colorado. Biscuits and Blues.

Nick, brother of Danielle, shows the audience how to Jimi.

... The work here has been so tough, we've even managed to...

"Enjoy" ourselves at Disney Land.

Indi, Zoey, and Betty in the Tea Cups, finally winding up a long day.

...And... Get our Tahoe on.

Jeff and Matthew snowboard while Ric drinks beers in the hot tub (below).

Well I think that finally sums up our break. But don't worry, we've finally got partying out of our systems and are back to tell you guys of everything Karl Lawrence. Stay tuned in the next couple days, for round two (or three?) of Karl Lawrence's side effects of love.