Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Staglin Music Festival

This upcoming weekend is the Staglin Music Festival for Mental Health. It's a weekend we here at Karl Lawrence look forward to every year.

If any of you should happen to attend, Ric and Cheryl will be there pouring you some splendid wine. And while we already know we're up there in your wine power rankings, you can compare our juice to about 75 other great wines from around the Valley.

All of the excellent food, wine, and company will then shine even brighter with the array of musical and celebrity goodness: Scientific Symposium, Dionne Warwick, Congressman Patrick Kennedy and the one, the only, Glenn Close. Ric has been a fan of Dionne Warwick since high school and cries every time he catches a Glenn Close flick.

So come on down, relax, and support a great cause. For more information, and to see the numbers this event has raised in it's seventeen years of existence, click here. And then check out Staglin's whole story at www.staglinfamily.com.

And since we haven't had a blog update in a month, here's a very small peek at what we've been doing/who we've been entertaining in the office:

This here is Mike and Cheryl Strenge, with Jefferson, from Toronto. They're laying up a bunch of Karl Lawrence at 55 degrees for their month long stay in Saint Helena next year. Way to plan ahead.

So... when are you going to come see us?