Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So the youngest Henry (other than the slew of babies that have came on the scene in the last few years) has graduated college. And to celebrate, Ric, Cheryl, and the gang, trekked east (via planes, trains, and automobiles) to party with Nicholas and the Boulder crew. The following carnage ensued:

We listened to a Chipotle Advertisement (graduation speech) in the sun:

And Cheryl let Ric know that he was missing the "throwing of hats!":

But it ended up working out fine:

Nic and Ric at Folsom Field.

Nic and his roommate, Jakey Craney, at the major specific ceremony.

We met dogs with our same name!:

Human Zoey holds dog Zoey and is pretty stoked.

We stopped by places of past employment, and were excited about it:

And we finally found out what the Temporary Chill Zone was all about:

We stacked rocks in criks!:

(or "creeks" if you're not Ric Henry)

We closed our eyes at the Sundown Saloon!:

(not pictured: Christopher Pratt and the 10 empty pitchers of Pabst Blue Ribbon around him):

We bowled with the famous G-Ma:

Mabel Miyasaki (Angie's Grandma) orders a small pair of shoes.

And gets it done.

And ate tons of good food courtesy of the rest of the Goldens:

The women of Angie's fam, fabulous hosts: Gma, Meri, Gwendy, and Tammy

We stood on roofs:


The entire crew of graduating graduates.

And, in the end, it was a good time...

The whole visiting fam outside of Folsom.

Photo cred:

Cool ones: Angie
Just sort of regular ones: Ric and Cheryl

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