Thursday, February 17, 2011


I know it's only been a day, and you guys are most likely exhausted from reading the epic Karl Lawrence love ballad of Seo and Yesi, but get ready for customer "story" numero dos:

Howard Chin (above) recently held an '01 cabernet restrospective tasting. And as you probably could guess from the picture, Karl Lawrence's Herb Lamb reserve was the overwhelming favorite of the day.

Now this wouldn't be surprising if the competitors were, say, Two Buck Chuck, Franzia box wine, or Carlo Rossi. But Howard thought the line-up was pretty strong (and so did we): Bryant Family, Pride Reserve, (our) Reserve Morisoli, Sloan, Mondavi Res, Montelena, LaJota 20th Anniv, Bond St. Eden, Leonetti Res, Paul Hobbs Beckstoffer, etc. etc.

So we encourage all of you to make some tasting brackets, like our wine the best, and then tell us about it. Then you can get your picture on here too! Thanks for the story, Howard!

Speaking of winners and brackets, in other news, Nicholas's intramural basketball team, The Flaming 8-Ball Jackets, just finished an undefeated regular season and are moving into the playoffs Monday as the number one seed. We'll keep you posted on the Jackets' trip to the championship.

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