Friday, February 25, 2011

The Karl Lawrence Blues

We here at Karl Lawrence have established ourselves as one of the most popular and most frequently enjoyed wines on the blues music circuit. We've partied our way through concerts, festivals, and cruises getting our name out there by way of t-shirts, baseball caps, and word of mouth. However, for some reason, KL has never meddled in advertising (in the traditional sense of the word). But, it turns out that, Robert Jr. Whitall, the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine (and Karl Lawrence fanatic) wanted us to do an ad for the mag. So we got together with our graphic artist, Brian Nash, and this is what we came up with:

Well we think the results are pretty superb. We are proud to be involved in a great magazine and want to thank Brian for styling our ad accordingly. Most excellent.

Check out the blues mag and Brian Nash here:,

In other news, The Flaming 8-Ball Jackets (who after the coach's poll were actually the number 3 seed) rolled past their first opponent by a mercy-ruled score of 69-29 (their opponent, The Leonards only showed up with 4 players...). Although it was slightly uneventful and disappointing, considering the lack of competition, the Jackets hope to meet some tough competitors next week on the road to the finals.

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