Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Checking In -

Howdy folks. Sorry for the hiatus. Just to let y'all know, Karl Lawrence is now holding walk-in tastings every Saturday and Sunday from 2-6 pm at the office. The lovely Emily here will be entertaining you, if you decide to visit us:

Emily (right)

Also, after five and a half months of spring, and just two weeks of summer, harvest has finally begun. Here's a photo of the harvest crew picking our Beckstoffer-Dr. Crane fruit outside the KL office:

Here's a photo sent to us from John Rowley and Phil Stafford. They enjoyed KL on a "sunny Chicago afternoon":

We would love to see where you guys are drinking our wine. So send us your pics!

In other, non-wine related, news, the San Francisco Giants are in the world series and our Raiders beat the snot out of the Denver Broncos. Being from the Napa Valley, we're able to pick and choose from our Bay Area sports teams.

Here's Nicholas, the Ric Henry Clan's youngest, happily taking in his Coloradan girlfriend Angie's "dismay" at Mile High:

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