Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Solo and Snakes

There comes a time in every cyclist's life where he or she faces a peculiar dilemma on the road and is forced to decide whether to carry on with the beloved spandex'd sport. 

For Karl Lawrence team member and longtime friend, Dave Jamieson (pictured above comparing sleeve lengths and farmer's tans with Ric and Richard Chan in Modesto, CA) it happened during a treacherous climb on the infamous Wards Ferry Road. Old road... No guardrails... Plummeting into the Don Pedro Reservoir seems nearly unavoidable. You get the picture.

Well this moment of fear-inspired clarity happened to Ric just as this year's harvest jumped off:

 Yep. That's about seven slithering rattles crossing the road up by Lake Hennessey in St. Helena. Indeed, even during Napa Valley's most beautiful time of year, these fanged reptiles are waiting for an oblivious biker's ankle to sink their teeth into... But, on the bright side, Ric claims to have clocked one of his best times up Greenfield Road after nearly falling off his bike in shock. Must have been all the adrenaline.

In other news, here's a bearded Ric with his longtime tennis partner, Michaela Rodeno. 

Michaela just released her first book of a two volume set, titled From Bubbles to Boardrooms: Act 1: Startups are such Fun. In it, she relates her experiences being the CEO of Domainne Chandon.

Another good tennis buddy, Ron Nicholson, and his wife, Lauren, are on the cover of, and featured in, the current issue of Napa Valley Life:

And here's Mike and Danielle Martines, from Denver. They're long time Karl Lawrence people who stopped by on their annual trip through the Valley. Since our tasting lounge has closed, Ric took them over to see our good friend Bob Bressler, of Bressler Vineyards.

To sum this update up, we are thrilled to announce that our very own Jack Solo Henry turned one! Here's a shot of him and his old man:

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