Friday, October 5, 2012

The Office Gets Bottle Shocked

With harvest nearing full throttle, the tasters keep on coming. On a few occasions, we've even had some famous faces swing by for a visit.

Here's famous Napa Valley wine guy, Jim Barrett, holding a tennis painting of himself done by St. Helena artist Greg De Lucca.

Yes, this is the Jim Barrett from the movie Bottle Shock. But contrary to popular belief, Ric is not one of Jim's boxing partners. However, he and Jim are regular tennis partners. 

Here's Jim and his whole tennis crew, Ric included:

And here's a picture of Alice and Norm Farley. Norm was Ric's 10th and 11th grade Bible teacher at Sacramento Adventist Academy. They're the ones responsible for giving Ric his job after college (at their group home for wayward girls, in Riverside, CA). And to show you how progressive they've become, they did leave with some Karl Lawrence.

In other news, the offering letter for our '08 Reserve goes out via email. So keep your eyes peeled!

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