Friday, September 21, 2012

Staglin's Show 2012

It's amazing how the years fly by. Yep, another great Staglin Music Festival for Mental Health has already came and gone. And to prove it, here's a blurry cell phone photo of Germain Jackson, of the Jackson 5:

But Germain wasn't the only ol' star showing his face around Staglin. Rusty Staub, who you might know from 23 seasons in Major League Baseball, volunteers every year as the festival doorman. Each year, he tastes each and every wine and picks out the best of the bunch. 

This year he picked the '07 Karl Lawrence Herb Lamb Single Vineyard Reserve. After deeming it worthy, he sent most everyone he talked to at the event back to Ric's table to try some. Thanks, Rusty!

And here's Ric with Bill James. He's from Chicago, a big fan of Karl Lawrence, and tasted a truck load of wines at the Staglin event.

On Sunday, Silverado Orchards (the retirement home around the corner from Ric's house), held a classic car show. Ric showed the '36 Buick and poured wine, while his cousin, Ed Stump showed his '94 Morgan. Here's Ed having a swell time:

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