Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Wine and the Dutch

Jo (pronounced Yo... as in "Yo, Jo!") and Ineke Van Liempt visited us from the Netherlands and had a swell time:

Here, Ineke and Jo put their game faces on with Nelson Larios (middle). The Dutch soccer fanatics were quite thrilled to discover Nelson's past as a proffesional futb├│ler in El Salvador.

The Van Liempts came all the way to California for a true Napa Valley experience. So we gave them a bunch of Karl Lawrence to drink and took them to our friends over at Clif Family farm (where they met the farm assistant, Nelson). They happened to be throwing an excellent harvest party. We even got a video to prove it:

In other news:

The Karl Lawrence Buick got a wash by Mrs. Miller's (Nicholas' old principal at PUC Elementary) fifth grade class:

And, according to Holly Mason, KL and Clif Family Winery's The Climber, can share a table:

Oh yeah. And... Ric turned 60. Yep. 60.

Check out the Clif crew:

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